Esther Martínez Banqué


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.
  • Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.
  • Experience of over 15 years on creating unique and modern Art Pieces.
  • International Solo and Collective Exhibitions.
  • Art in Private & Public Collections.

Born in Barcelona, her interest in art starts from a very young age,  Art is for she a vital need, like breathing her way of expressing herself. In her adolescence she moved to Figueres, land of surrealism and Dalí, for whom she felts fascination since she discovered his work. Perhaps it is because of the Tramuntana, that she has never stopped creating, drawing, sculpting and painting. Normally, she paints in large format because she thinks it is the best way for her works to convey all the strength and expressiveness. In her work the Human figure is always present in her work through the body and also the facess she speaks that what worries her, of the feelings, the relationships, or lack of them, the oppression of women, the lack of real communication of the world in that we live.

Offering you an unique & authentic experience whith my Fine Art Creations.

I believe that Art is a free form of selfexpression, but in the proces of art creation each piece gives on a life of its own and takes the reins of its own evolution, in a process of union with its creator. For this reason, in each work there is a bit of my essence that waits to be recognized and to connect with the viewer essence.

Value added guarantee

  • Classic academic knowledge and experience.
  • Certificate of Authenticity of the acquired works
  • High level of finish and use of top quality materials
  • Environment eco-friendly packaging of the work and transport
  • Guarantee of a Unic Piece or Limited Serie reproduction
  • Secure payment method and fast shipping all over the world

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